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 AMMA is a multidisciplinary Association, born in 2011, to promote antiaeging medicine in the Principality of Monaco.

Antiaeging medicine

Antiaeging medicine is the personalized, preventive and global medicine aiming at early detection of acquired and/or genetic predispositions and symptoms of the aging in order to propose adapted cares.

It dwells at the detection of the weaknesses to avoid further dependence. 

Antiaeging medicine, even if it includes it, is not to be confused with aesthetic medicine.

Our Goals​
  • Public awareness to a preventive medicine for a better aeging;
  • Organization of conferences with high-level scientist speakers in the diverse topics of aeging science;
  • Organization of congresses and seminars for doctors, pharmacists and paramedical professionals;
  • Capacity-building for the members of the Association in the innovative domains of antiaeging medicine;
  • Setting up of a coordinate antiaeging consultation.


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